Houston Theft Crime Lawyer

Theft is the intent to take another person's property without their consent. If the person did not intend to take someone’s property, it is not theft. For example, if you place items on the rack under your cart and accidentally walk out of the store without paying for those items, you should not be convicted of theft. Or if someone else places an item in your bag without you knowing and you walk out of the store with it, you should not be held responsible. If you have been charged with theft for a circumstance like these, you need a Houston theft crimes lawyer that handles theft crime cases to present your case effectively so that your situation is fully understood.

If you have been arrested for theft in Houston, you may face serious consequences. Depending on the value of what you stole and other factors of the circumstance, your penalties will vary. Theft crimes include shoplifting, fraud and larceny, writing bad checks, identity theft and embezzlement. A theft crime can potentially be no more serious than a minor traffic violation or it can be as grave as a felony. Grand theft auto is an example of a theft that is classified as a felony. Other felonies include burglary and credit card theft. A Houston theft crime lawyer will discuss with you the weight of your crime and reasons for committing it to develop the most effective defense strategy for your particular case.

Young people may not realize the far-reaching effects of having even a misdemeanor on their record. It can affect educational and employment opportunities even if it was just a bit of youthful folly. It is crucial to consult a theft crimes defense attorney in Houston, Texas before you make your plea.

Our Houston Criminal Attorney Will Agressively Defend Your Rights

Some individuals might benefit from a psychological evaluation that would potentially aide in their defense against the theft charges. An experienced Houston theft crime attorney will ensure that kleptomaniacs receive help for their psychological condition. However, some statistics say that only 1% of thefts are committed by actual kleptomaniacs.

A skillful theft crimes defense attorney in Houston, Texas will look for weaknesses in the evidence against you, aggressively defend your rights and seek the best outcome possible.

If you have been charged with any of these crimes, contact an experienced Houston theft crime lawyer for a free consultation. Our law office aggressively defends clients who have been charged with or are under investigation for a theft crime. Call today for a FREE case evaluation with a dedicated and aggressive Houston criminal lawyer to find out how he can help you.