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Almost every bank in our country is federally ensured under the FDIC. For this reason, bank robberies are a federal offense in most situations. This means that anyone accused of the crime will require the help of a Houston criminal attorney who is experienced in fighting federal offenses. If you have been charged with bank robbery, please call The Law Office of A Houston Criminal Defender today to discuss your case.

While every bank robbery is a felony, the specific penalties for the crime vary greatly depending on exactly what happened during the event. If no one was harmed or threatened and the total amount taken was less than $1000, you will face no more than one year incarceration. If you did not threaten or harm anyone and took more than $1000, you could face up to ten years in prison. Even if you use a note that has a threat written in it, you will be considered to have threatened the teller and will therefore face a class C felony, punishable by up to 20 years imprisonment. When a weapon or other dangerous device was used for purposes of intimidation, the charge becomes a class B felony and you may be locked away for the next 25 years. The most serious bank robbery offense involves cases where someone dies during the course of events. In these situations, you will face a class A felony, punishable by death. In these situations, your choice of Houston criminal lawyer could literally save your life.

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When you contact our firm, we will first go about investigating the evidence against you to see if any of it violates your rights. If evidence was obtained illegally, we will have it suppressed from the case. We will then examine the evidence against you that can be used in court and decide if you will be better off fighting the charges or negotiating a plea bargain. In either situation, your Houston criminal attorney will fight to ensure you have the most successful outcome possible.

If you have been accused of bank robbery, please call our offices and schedule a consultation with a top Houston criminal lawyer immediately.